The FS 2(LKG) children's project on Animals was a delightful spectacle, featuring a diverse range of creatures. The  theme encompassed wild, pet, farm, and aquatic animals, creating a captivating "Animal World" showcase. The event included a fancy dress ramp walk, where children dressed up as their chosen animals and shared interesting facts about them.

Over three days, the children brought different aspects of the animal kingdom to life:

Day 1 showcased the wild beasts.

Day 2 delved into the enchanting aquatic world.

Day 3 celebrated our beloved pets and farm animals.

The show was a vibrant display of creativity, with imaginative costumes, masks, headgears, props, and even eye- catching makeup. What truly stole the show, however were the children themselves who transformed into little orators, passionately sharing their knowledge about the animals they represented.https://fb.watch/n7tMN2BoEM/