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As an educational institution with decades of experience in the field of imparting knowledge and fueling creativity, we have carefully understood the fact that innovation is not merely restricted to careers, businesses, or any other big words that we usually associate it with. Education can also be innovative. Innovative learning and teaching methods make up our tailor-made curriculum specially designed to provide an overall development avenue to school students that walk our corridors.

Academics: The Primary Pillar of Education

Academics have been and will continue to be a priority for us at NESSS. Our curriculum is crafted by our excellent faculty body with guidance from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). All subjects include basic as well as advanced level understanding of concepts, ideas, and thought-provoking content. There are likely as many creative thoughts and methodologies as there are schools. However, innovative learning habitats with effective understudies appear to share a bunch of common attributes as well as setting out to do what's never been done before.

A Culture that Raises Champions of Tomorrow

At our school, the students are put at the focal point of their learning, engaged to be co-makers of their school insight; Instructors are devoted guides supporting customized growth opportunities that meet individual needs of the pupils; and the two, understudies and educators, are given the assets they need to change thoughts into real factors.

Inculcating the Traits of Success through Education

Abilities, for example, critical thinking, interactive abilities, coordinated effort, innovativeness, correspondence, data and correspondence, innovation, proficiency, and deep-rooted learning are given a similar significance as subjects like Social Studies and Mathematics. The method for their customized learning tracks fosters their social and passionate abilities through esteem-based educational programs and a solid feeling of common belonging. Our school sustains future pioneers who can not just oversee themselves in an always evolving world, however, will do as such with compassion to add to the process.

We have been devoted to change and digitalization, imaginative showing techniques, and inventiveness. The classes have discarded age-old teaching methods, and in their place are versatile work areas and an adaptable, dynamic, and cooperative learning climate.

Pictures of Faculties & Students engaged in conversations

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