Making the World our Classroom

Global learning opportunities have become essential for every student as a result of the rising trend in the scope of globalisation. Global education empowers our students with the ability to comprehend their own world and the world around them by exploring different cultural dynamics, across multiple countries. Such a learning experience allows students to develop good communication skills, adapt and relate to new environments, learn new cultures and good networks. The student exchange programs have also been designed in such a way that imparts within the students effective leadership skills and abilities which are essential for their academic and professional development. Our students have ventured across Sweden, Scotland, UK amongst other countries where they gained an enriching exposure during their learning experience. We also have students from various countries across the globe visiting our school and the incoming programs to gain an experience of Indian education and Indian culture.

Our Exchange Programs


It was a trip by a few Swedish principals, professors and officials from education department of Stockholm that we acquired our Swede partners and the ball was firmly set rolling. Kartopps Gymnasium of Sweden and New Era Senior Secondary School worked on several joint curricular projects. One of the several projects was based on literature. Students studied each other's Epic poems and their relevance in those times. The Gymnasium principal, Mrs. Liz Berg visited along with her teachers and our Director visited their school when she was invited to attend and present a paper on School Leadership in India- Issues and Challenges at an International School Leaders' conference at Stockholm.


Our school has been chosen to develop international links with DUMBARTON ACADEMY, SCOTLAND, UK as part of a major new school twinning project to boost global education.
New Era Senior Secondary School, Nizampura has been selected in recognition of its commitment to teaching students about global issues to join a programme called Connecting Classrooms, a UK government and British Council education initiative. Teachers and students have been working with Dumbarton Academy in Scotland to learn how to become responsible global citizens and to develop skills to work in a global economy.
The program has enabled teachers from the school to take part in an exchange visit with Dumbarton Academy, Scotland and work on classroom- based projects together, with the aim of giving young people a unique and hands-on international learning experience.
We have also been conferred with the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD by the British Council.