Our Student Houses

Training acquired in schools cannot only be limited to the curriculum therefore we make every effort to incorporate dynamic platforms which give students a new way of learning. Through our school clubs and houses we seek to make learning fun, by providing an interactive community for students to learn and grow together. Our students get to learn teamwork and cooperation during the course of their studies.


Learning Made Fun

The student houses are named after our four pillars of belief: Unity, Equality, Harmony, and Progress. Our students represent and reflect these values in all of their undertakings on and off campus.


Ekta translates to ‘Unity.’ The blue house stands for brotherhood, unity, and zest.


Samya translates to ‘Equality.’ The yellow house stands for equality in opportunities, education and treatment.


Maitree translates to ‘Friendship.’ The red house stands for friendship, harmony and peace on campus and amongst students.


Pragati translates to ‘Progress.’ The green house stands for progress in school, career and life in general in terms of mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing.