Sports is an integral part of our schooling curriculum and contributes a big chunk to the overall development of students. Generally, every student in our school plays a specific game, however, how this benefits them in academics is that they can acquire specific parts of instruction as well as discipline from playing. Most educators trait with this idea and give emphasis on additional detail. Understudies will quite often excel in learning and applying the knowledge gained while doing sports.

Sports make an effective future, and an advanced education by encouraging understudies to challenge themselves, be social and think intellectually while being ambitious. Most understudies need a push that drives them to thrive in school. Sports help by training them to face obstacles and challenge themselves to arrive at a specific objective without compromising with their values. We believe that individuals improve with the assistance of sports.

Our Sporting Facilities

The school has a variety of sports facilities and provisions in the form of:

Cricket nets/ pitch,
Football ground,
Volleyball net,
Basketball court,
Tennis & Badminton stage,
Table Tennis tables,
Indoor games, & more.


Recent Highlights from the Sports Corner