School clubs are a means to align like-minded students to learn and grow together. Sharing knowledge and helping each other enhance their skills in the process. Activities in the clubs help them develop social skills and teamwork. Students get insight from peers as well as teachers during these sessions in enhancing their skills in communication, leadership, time and resource management, and decision making.


Bees are tenacious workers. They relentlessly work on collecting nectar and make honey out of it similarly this club will help students to be creative and innovative and use/collect their ideas to find solutions for problems through a practical approach,thus be useful for the society. Self-expression, independent research, constructive activities, etc., are some of the opportunities provided by the Honey Bee club. Students can learn more through the activities and their own experiments and clarify general scientific concepts.


Art is a great medium for expression and a wonderful tool to build children's confidence, visual learning and concentration.

This club will give a fantastic opportunity to our budding Picasso’s to develop their motor skills; hold the paintbrush, scissors, pencils or use clay or other materials to enhance their art and craft work.



This club intends to make students appreciate the usefulness, power and beauty of mathematics thus reviving the fun in Mathematics, various  activities like SUDOKU, KAKURU, VEDIC MATH and LOGIC PUZZLES will help to stimulate their mathematical thinking, develop mathematical curiosity and use inductive and deductive reasoning when solving problems. They will also become confident in using mathematics to analysis and solve problem in real life situation.


This club aims to get the students connect with the rich culture and heritage of India. The main focus of the club is to take up activities like discussions, presentations on different topics related to Vedas, Indian history and field trips to heritage sites so as to develop a sense of pride towards  their own city’s i.e Vadodara’s glorious past as well as that of our country India.

Students have been participating in the Heritage Quiz hosted by CBSE and have won laurels for the same.


Studies have shown that music can lower stress, build confidence and help to enhance the performance of the brain. This club will help to bring out  the Music talent  i.e talent in singing and playing instruments among the students. They will be trained to actively participate in various music based events conducted inter and intra school. These children will also be a part of the school choir for various school events.



This club aims to give the students  practical exposure to STEAM (  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math),which includes activities using various DO IT YOURSELF  KITS, ROBOTICS KITS, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT, SENSORS, MICRO-CONTROLLER BOARDS , 3D PRINTERS etc which are essential to develop 21st century technology skills. We are fortunate to have the Atal Tinkering Lab and the Kalam Maker Space for the students of this club.


This club will help children to boost their imagination, writing skills, logic and reasoning skills, improve critical thinking, spatial reasoning and attention skills and also make them competitive, and innately strong in English, Math and Logic. They would stimulate their brain to 'think outside the box,'.


This club’s motto is to help the students express themselves confidently and realize their hidden potentials by concentrating on enhancing their overall personality development. The students are trained to be good orators, good listeners, team workers, anchors, organizers etc. through self-learning and practice which is the need of the hour in this competitive society.




Coding is a creative activity that students from any discipline can engage in. It helps to build computational thinking & develop problem solving skills. As you build capabilities around coding, you will be equipped to build software on your own. Real world application of coding can be seen in bar codes, traffic signals, booking tickets etc…



Dance has a major role in boosting your child's social development. When children dance, they express their emotions in front of their audience. With all that grooving, a child feels safe to open up to the world needless to mention that they will also learn a variety of dance styles.


This club aims to identify and train students who have a flair for quizzing also to motivate, encourage and inspire students in their quest for knowledge and provide an opportunity to grow. The Club will conduct regular theme based quizzes.


The aim of this club is to make the students understand the foundation on which AI is built upon i.e is Patterning; Data interpretation; Sorting; Comparing; Classifying; Identifying. The AI Applications that surround us are proof of innovation using technology and need to prepare ourselves to unlearn, learn and relearn! We expect the students to get a deep understanding of AI, access to AI-powered tools and the ability to create solutions with AI.


This course is designed to teach students the basic aspects of digital citizenship like:

  1.  The basics of your devices (hard ware, soft ware, computer peripherals) and the internet
  2.  Digital Etiquette: Learn how to behave when you are online
  3.  Privacy and Your Digital Footprint: Learn what kind of trail you leave online
  4.  Digital Well-being: Learn how to be healthy by balancing the online and offline worlds
  5.  Cybersecurity: Learn how your devices are kept safe
  6.  Information Literacy: Learn about your responsibilities when you use the internet for research
  7.  Cyber Exploiters: Learn how advertisers try to get you to buy & how to prevent exploiters.


This club will throw light on financial literacy by conveying an understanding of the basic financial concepts,types of bank,operations and services carried out by banks. An insight into the modes of digital payments including internet banking, types of internet banking, mobile banking and mobile wallets, different types of bank cards and their services, information about the PoS, mPoS and ATM machines, the role of UIDAI and the importance of Aadhaar, and Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) etc. They will also be taken for a bank visit to understand the system practically.


In the present scenario, the children who are constantly bombarded with a variety of media interfaces are striving to understand the nuances of the various forms of media, and the ever-changing landscape of mass communication. They need to be wise consumers of media messages and at the same time they should also be responsible creators of media messages. It is important that they develop Media and Literacy competencies which will empower them to ‘read’, ‘understand’ and ‘create’ the various forms of media and would help them become responsible content creators along-side content consumers


This club intends to help the students recognize the concept of eXtended Reality (XR).They will explore what it feels like to augment and imagine something closest to reality as we navigate into the fourth industrial revolution in this digitised world. Students will understand the need for XR and find more opportunities to apply it in their daily life. They will learn about the important factors that shape the digital world and understand how it differs from and complements our physical world.


In today’s world when there is a danger looming on the health of the people, it becomes imperative for all to know about the various aspects of healthcare ranging from the Healthcare Delivery Systems, to the activities of hospital/clinic/rehabilitation centre etc. Students will get practical exposure to the subject through visit to the health care centres along with theoretical knowledge about the same.


This club would help to promote sound environmental behaviour, sensitize students to emergent environmental concerns like energy conservation, wastage of food at social gatherings, hazards of electronic waste, conservation of petroleum products, plastic pollution etc. This club would serve as a platform for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. There will be several activities to empower students to participate and take up meaningful projects, engage their parents and enlighten neighbourhood communities including visiting the government offices talking to the officials, raising their concerns and working with them to ensure environmental sustainability.


This club will make the students understand the concepts of money and money management, become efficient managers of money i.e manage personal finance effectively by systematic savings & investment, making a budget, calculating interest etc..


This club will help students develop their creative writing skills which will then help students to boost their imagination as they will create new worlds, situations and characters in their work. They would stimulate their brain to 'think outside the box,'. Students will also be trained in public speaking which in turn will enhance their creativity, critical thinking and leadership qualities.


Teaching kids how to code involves applying math concepts. Your kids will acquire these mathematical skills and abilities without even noticing them and while having fun. Through coding, children learn to quickly fix and try again in different ways when something doesn’t work out. Coding also equips kids with the ability to stick with a problem and work on finding a solution.