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School clubs are a means to align like-minded students to learn and grow together. Sharing knowledge and helping each other enhance their skills in the process. Activities in the clubs help them develop social skills and teamwork. Students get insight from peers as well as teachers during these sessions in enhancing their skills in communication, leadership, time and resource management, and decision making.

The Honey-Bee Club

Bees are tenacious workers. They relentlessly work on collecting nectar and making honey out of it. Our students also collect ideas and then make something useful for society. Thisclub runs on creativity and innovation. Going beyond the curriculum is what makes this club highly popular among the students. Students have the opportunity to explore the topic of their choice constructively and uniquely.

Book Lovers’ Club

Books are the best friends and one must inculcate the habit of reading. Book Lovers’ Club is an ideal setting for students to get together, read, discuss and find out about various books by a galaxy of renowned national and international authors. They discuss authors' styles of writing, appreciate poetry, and have group discussions on the literary skills of writers. Books and thoughts are shared while literary knowledge is developed.

Interact and Early Act Club

The Interact CLUB and Early Act Club focus primarily on social welfare and raising awareness regarding the issues in society. Some of the activities done by the club include organizing and celebrating sports day at a nearby municipal school, donating books, clothes, and stationery to underprivileged children, and holding awareness programmes on various topics.


Art can find expression in the form of music, acting, and drawing. This club encourages the students to express themselves aesthetically.


Reviving the fun in Mathematics, the club focuses on activities like SUDOKU, KAKURU, Vedic math, and Puzzles to stimulate their mathematical thinking.


May it be flower arrangements, laying the table with crockery and cutlery, cutting and decorating salads, folding dinner napkins, doing DIY and clay art, students can have fun doing all these and more in the Creative Hub.


This club intends to get the students connected with the culture and heritage of India and of other countries. The main focus of the club is to take up activities like discussions, presentations, and field trips These activities have developed a sense of pride towards Vadodara’s glorious past. Students have been participating in the Heritage Quiz hosted by CBSE and have won laurels for the same.

A Glimpse of Our Clubs

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