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It was a bagless day for New Era Preschool as our Nursery, Lkg and Ukg children went for a Field Trip ! They visited their local school community and observed various places/ shops; met and interacted with the shopkeepers; saw the work they do, tools they use and the products they sell, thus enhancing their vocabulary and enhancing understanding about their surroundings.
The field trip was an excellent learning experience as the kids saw a tailor stitching clothes, carpenter making furniture, barber cutting hair, electrician mending appliances, a flour mill and various shopkeepers selling grocery, medicine, books,stationery, watches & clocks, spectacles, garments, toys,gifts etc. They also visited a street side florist and a tea stall.
Finally they visited a bank & ATM centre where the manager triggered discussion about managing money.
The trip had a remarkable impact on the little learners as we know that all of them learn differently. It definitely broadened their horizons and built confidence in them.
Sharing some glimpses of the "Kids day out". Happy viewing...

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