Scheme of Studies

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Primary Section

CLASSES  1 & 2 :
Students graduate to these classes where learning is even more fun and joyful.
Classroom teaching of English, Mathematics, Environmental studies & Hindi happens through a wide range of learning materials and activities, young minds explore language and literacy skills through talk time, visit to junior library where children can sprawl and read the books of their choice or a quick entry to the junior science laboratory to discover and understand the world of science through an experiential learning approach.

They also hone their numeracy skills by using the well crafted aids meant to enhance their learning.All the classrooms are equipped with smart boards
Special emphasis is also given to their physical development, creativity and performance, students look forward to their co-scholastic classes like art & craft, games, music & dance etc..
Continuous and comprehensive assessment is used for providing on-going feedback to all the stakeholders as well as help the team of qualified teachers to redesign their plan in consultation with parents and higher authorities to ensure that each child meets the target.

Our curriculum in these classes focuses on encouraging inquiry, exploration and inculcating confidence in key learning skills such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, coding, problem-solving & critical thinking.

Subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are offered along with the co-scholastic periods. The teachers make use of the technology as well as other teaching aids for  effective and extensive teaching learning experience.

The Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system is followed in all these classes.