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We took our children to visit Sama Indoor Sports Complex. Students were amused to see such a vast complex. They visited various courts within the complex for sports such as Badminton, Volleyball, Gymnasium, Basket ball, Table Tennis, karate, Swimming pool, Playing cards, chess and many more. Students were curious to know more about the various sports that they came across during their field trip. This learning experience proved to be inspirational, enjoyable, and valuable for our Preschoolers.

Learning about Birds!!!

Learning about birds is "emu"sing for kids. Our preschoolers enjoyed the birds theme as they got to explore different species of birds in nature. They also dressed themselves as birds and talked about the physical features of birds, strong wings, colorful feathers, cheerful chirping & sounds, food & nesting habits of few birds...

"Innovative practices in preschools"

It is very important to keep oneself abreast of emerging fields, technologies and methodologies, hence Udaan, a group of preschool educators organized a conference titled “Innovative practices followed in preschools” on 19.09.15, Saturday in which teachers presented papers on innovative practices followed by them in their school. The event was hosted by New Era Senior Secondary School, Nizampura.


ON 1/1/18 Children were taken on a field trip to aquarium,planetarium and toy train ride


Jaw dropping magic tricks, comedy gags, colorful props and loads of giggles aptly describe the magic show that was organized for the preschool children. The show was completely mesmerizing and brilliantly interactive. Children were amazed to see the objects vanishing into thin air and objects appearing from absolutely nowhere!


#Make Yoga a lifestyle for lifetime #Embrace yoga to stay healthy and rejuvenated International Day of Yoga 2021, carries the theme "Yoga for well-being”, which is very relevant in today's time. Yoga, if made a part of our daily life, helps to establish harmony with one's body,with one's mind and ultimately with one's soul. The preschool children participated in the event with enthusiasm and performed exercises and asanas.


We took up the theme Dental Care which will help children to develop positive habits and skills that will last a lifetime. Dr Neha Shah explained in an interesting manner the ways to achieve good dental health..


Fun filled activities like one min. games,action songs,dance ,lip smacking meals, colourful decoration,take away gifts and tonga ride marked the children's day celebration.



Winners-Inter School Event - SBOL Jr.2.0

Preschool New Eraites on a winning spree... Our kids bagged various positions in Inter School Event - SBOL Jr. 2.0 conducted by St. Kabir School, Vadodara. *Event : “Chemical Out Organic In” (Category A) 2nd position: Aditya Mori *Event : Role Reversal (Category A) 2nd position: Vedika Trivedi *Event : Be A Story Teacher (Category A) 3rd position: Ananya Kakadia Kudos to all the winners for winning accolades!!!

Interactive session/workshop held on 2/9

When parents are involved in their child's education, the child develops a positive attitude towards learning. In order to strengthen the parents involvement in their child's education an interactive session/workshop was organised on 2/9/16 . This interactive session focussed and guided the parents on the specific areas in which the children needed improvement.


An interactive workshop on “Phonics” was conducted for the educators of the Kindergarten Section and Classes I, II and III and IV by trained Jolly Phonics teacher Ms. Khushi Savla on 26th and 27th April 2017. The workshop was conducted to empower the teachers with new teaching methods for enhancing reading and spelling skills in children right from their foundation years. The teachers were enthusiastically involved in the interactive session.

Independence day celebration

It was a day when children came dressed up in orange,white and green, the colours of our national flag, as they gathered to celebrate the Independence day.Children sang patriotic songs, enacted roles of our national leaders and did march past.


Teachers attended an interactive workshop on phonetics by a professional jolly phonics trainer Ms.Khushi Savla


Ms. Deepa Garg received "The open page preschool educator award 2017-18" from the honorable governor of Gujarat, shri O.P Kohli on 11/01/18

New Era Balwadi Concert

New Era Balwadi kids staged their annual concert” Jojo on Earth” on 21/2/15 which took the audience to a world tour along with an alien Jojo who happens to visit earth. Jojo moves from one country to another and sees some unique celebrations such as Chinese New year, Water festival, Doll's festival, La- Tomatina, Kite festival, Flower festival, Snow festival, Harvest festival, Hot air balloon festival and much more.

Congratulations to Merin & Kushagra...

New Era Preschool kids at their artistic best. Heartiest congratulations to our young budding artists Merin Eldho (class LKG) and Kushagra Suman (class LKG) for winning accolades and performing well in White glue activity conducted by Camlin. They received a Camlin Kit as a token of appreciation. Kudos to Merin and Eldho...


The application forms for new admissions in pre-primary classes for the academic year 2017-18 will be given from 21.10.16 to 27.10.16 (excluding Sunday) between 9.00 am to 11.00 am. Thereafter, the forms will be available from 07.11.16 onwards.

Project on milk and milk products

Children loved the display of varied milk products,participated in making buttermilk,curd and paneer and lastly got the experience of "Milking the cow" not literally but through the hand gloves filled with milk.


Down the street the engine goes, The fireman fights the fire; Up the ladder with their hose, Out goes the fire! Students of the pre-primary wing were taken on an informative trip to a fire station to help them understand the importance of community helpers in our lives. Our tiny tots were briefed by the fire officer on how to contact the fire authorities in case of an emergency by dialling 101. They were sensitised about the importance of clearing the path for the fire engine to pass quickly on hearing the siren, so as to enable the fire engine to reach quickly to the place of fire. Children were also educated on the ways that can be used for dousing the fire i.e. covering the area with a blanket, or putting sand over the affected area. A demonstration drill was also conducted to explain the process of extinguishing fire by sprinkling water through the water hose pipe using varied nozzle attachments. They also saw the heavy aluminium dress and helmet used by the fireman. This outbound trip gave students an idea about the importance of firemen and how difficult it would be if these people are not there to help us when such a need arises


Admission forms for class Nursery to XII will be issued from 23 November 2015.Time 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Admission process will begin from 24 November 2015.

'Children of the world'

A project “Children of the world” was taken up by New Eraites to help kids connect and make friends with children from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt and India. The entire session was conducted through Skype where in the students interacted with each other and explored about each other's culture, national flag, national costume etc. They even learnt to say 'Hello' & 'Thank you' in each other's language. The highlight of the programme was the group song 'Hello to all children of the world'.

Environment Day Awareness

#Join hands to save environment Let us celebrate the occasion of World Environment Day by working together to save our planet from everything that harms it and make it a happier and a healthier place to live in. The New Era Preschool team has prepared a video to educate our young ones become environmental warriors by doing a few things which aids our environment directly.