Foundation for Innovation

Amidst an uncommon pandemic, everybody is scrambling to 'reimagine education.'
Home learning units have surfaced to make more modest, very close networks of students. Half and half projects have arisen to obscure the lines between home and school. What's more is new remote projects with inventive tech instruments are being acquainted worldwide with empowering experts to figure out how to occur whenever, anyplace.
Our school’s models never required a school building, chime timetable, or end-of-year report to flourish; yet rather, a center arrangement of standards assembled totally around our students. Therefore, our students are independent, autonomous, inquisitive, sympathetic, and social-genuinely and around the world mindful.
The process of bringing Innovation in education starts by taking advantage of the youth's normal interest, and afterward planning encounters, and chances to push its investigation.



Promoting Innate Talent

Innovative Learning

Digital classrooms, ATL, high-tech labs, state-of-the-art equipments, are provided to our students in order for them to make the best use of these provisions to come up with innovative, ideas, projects, models, exhibits, etc.

Innovative Industrial Exposure

Students are regularly taken to field trips and industrial visits to various areas, workplaces, labs, and more of particular expertise to learn more about the industrial setting related to a particular stream.

Innovative Assistance - Kalam Maker Space Center

The school has been granted the funding of 335 Lacs by government agencies to start-up incubation centres for the youth, promoting growth and innovation in students from an early age.

ATL Atal Tinkering Lab

The school has received a grant from the government under the aegis of Niti Aayog to set up ATAL TINKERING LAB based on outstanding contributions to education and innovative practices. And the school has been successful in realizing the objective of this scheme, i.e. curiosity, creativity, and imagination in young minds and teaching skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing, etc. ATAL TINKERING LAB has paved the way to spur creativity and go beyond regular curriculum and textbook learning with well-designed lab activities at ATL.