To keep up with the dynamic world and the perks that technology brings, we’ve equipped all our classrooms with smart boards and smart learning tools. This makes the teaching learning process more joyful and interactive. Digital learning runs on the audio-visual concept which makes it appealing and easy to understand.


Playing and participating in sports are the key highlights of a student’s school life. This is where they learn hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Our campus houses a track-field course, football ground, cricket nets, table tennis hall, basketball court, badminton stage, volleyball net, etc. along with a sports office that contains facilities for indoor games.


The first and foremost value to inculcate in our students is the habit of reading. Students develop a taste for reading very early and with the proper amount of suggestions, recommendations and access to a plethora of books they can become avid readers. Our junior and senior libraries are filled with books related to every topic under the sun. The students look forward to visiting the libraries and issuing books whenever they get a chance.


Studying should be the perfect amalgamation of theory and application. Our campus labs include computer labs, bio-tech lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, Math lab, engineering drawing lab, students are taken to the labs as per the periods allotted in their timetable, to get a practical knowledge of the things they learn in class.