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Eventful Past

When we started way back in 1991, we never looked back. In 1998 we sent our first batch of class X to appear for CBSE board examination and had 100% pass result. Naturally we were happy. Subsequent years also saw 100% result but the difference was, we were not anymore satisfied with 100% pass result. We set higher goals for ourselves and said why not enable all students to pass in 1st division! Today, our goal is higher still- everybody in distinction!

It is not only academic activities; the school has been flying high. Our students have etched their team's name on the map of Gujarat in basketball and chess. Our quizzers dazzle in all quiz programs. One of our students was selected to attend G-8 international conference on global warming.

We won national award by National Council of Education and research, Delhi for....
Like Students Like Teachers - Our teachers have been winning accolades by getting awards and prizes in various competitions at local, state level competitions. They have received Global Teacher accreditation Awards constituted by British Council.

We can proudly say that it has been a golden ERA for New Era. We can keep on enumerating the happy events and not have enough space on this site.

We still keep doing marvellous things and say "Sky is the limit, we strive to achieve it!"