Fueling Innovation on National Science Day... NESSS pays tribute to the Indian physicist, Shri C.V. Raman. From Future Scientists to Potential Scientists, New Eraites from FS4 to PS3 marked the National Science Day with a unique celebration. Exploring the wonders of science together, the pupils showcased innovation and curiosity in a truly special way by blending knowledge while performing activities - Chromatography, Thumb printing, Blow Print Designing, Bubble Blow, Newton’s cradle etc. to name a few. At the end of the day, the students walked away with new insights, ignited curiosity, and a shared passion for discovery. The concept of ‘Each one Teach One’ created portentous effect on the lil learners. The pupils of FS4 demonstrated and taught the various scientific concepts through their models to the avid learners of PS1 and PS2. This novel celebration of the National Science Day at NESSS is organized every year to promote scientific research and encourage scientific temper in the budding scientists. Cheers to the endless journey of learning and the commendable efforts of the team of facilitators and pupils.


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