New Eraites Deep Dive into Urban Administration Empowering Civic Minds… NESSS organized an informative session on the Political Science topic- “Urban Administration” for students of MS1. Ms. Varshaben Vyas, the Municipal Councillor Ward no.2 and Chairman of the Recreational and Cultural Committee (VMC), shared valuable insights on the intricacies of urban administration with the students. Ms. Varshaben discussed the different strategies used to solve citizens' issues and the profound responsibility of being accountable for residents of the wards. The session engaged the students in budgetary procedures and other practical aspects of local administration, enabling them to connect classroom concepts with real-world scenarios. Overall, the session provided students with valuable insights for their academic and civic journey, making them realize the roles played by various local bodies for the smooth functioning of the administration. #NewEraSeniorSecondarySchool #newerarocks #Nesss #paruluniversity #VadodaraNewsOnline #vadodaranews