Innovation Zooms in NESSS Campus

New Eraites of PS1 to MS3 earned a remarkable experience from the innovation of a 12 year old budding innovator from Lucknow. NESSS was even proud to exhibit the innovation that has featured in the National Geographic Magazine. Pupils were amazed to see the craftsmanship of an E-car entirely crafted from recycled scrap.  

The electric vehicle known as Murcielago (Spanish Word for Bat) was proudly brought to the NESSS campus by Mr. H. T. Patel - Founder,  Yuvalaya, Mr. Nem Shah and Mr. Shrey Chaturvedi. This initiative of Mr Patel fuelled the curiosity of the young minds and encouraged them to dream big. He emphasised on the continuity of feeding their passion with innovation to solve problems and contribute for the development of mankind.

The excitement levels  scaled high as children watched the E-car on the move on the school ground. The bubbling young minds even engaged in a fruitful interaction with the officials, trying to gauge the working of the ingenious E-car and its future on the Indian roads. 

They were wonderstruck to learn that this remarkable creation will soon hit the streets of UP at an affordable prize.


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