New Era Preschool Team Sports Day 2023
Sports Day 2023 at our preschool was a vibrant celebration of teamwork and friendship, centered around the theme of "Team Spirit."
The tiny athletes participated enthusiastically in various activities, fostering a sense of unity. Colourful team banners and decorations adorned the school ground, creating an atmosphere of excitement.
The beautiful morning started with a prayer, followed by an enchanting welcome dance to welcome our esteemed guest of honour Dr.Geetika Madan Patel, Mrs.Priyadarshini Kelkar and Mrs.Leena Nair.
A burst of motivation filled the air with a spirited team dance. As colourful balloons soared into the sky, marking the official start, the energy soared for an exciting Sports Day.
Parents cheered as children engaged in colourful group displays demonstrated cooperation and mutual support.
Simple team games like, make a chain, ring game, passing the ball, hula hoop chain, melody sphere challenge, elbow ball pass etc. highlighted the importance of working together.
Adding to the excitement a special parents' game unfolded, injecting a dose of laughter and togetherness.
The event wrapped up with a surprise twist – a declaration that everyone is a winner, followed by a prize distribution ceremony, emphasizing that every participant contributed to the collective success.
This year's Sports Day not only promoted physical activity but also instilled valuable lessons of collaboration and friendship in our youngest learners, fostering a foundation for a lifetime of teamwork.