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Janmashtami Celebration at New Era Preschool...
All children can be identifed with the mischievous yet lovable child Krishna, playing pranks with the gopis, stealing butter & putting an end to evil doers. Preschoolers dressed in traditional clothes &
jewellery brought Gokul alive as they danced to the tunes of “Choti choti Gaiyan” and “Come here, my dear Krishna Kanhaiya”.
Teachers performed the characters of Kans, Devaki, Vasudev, Nandbaba, Yashoda, Soldiers, Sheshnaag and dramatised the story of birth of Lord Krishna. This was followed by “Matki phod” and raas garba and the preschool reverberated with the chants of “ Hathi ghoda palki, jai Kanhaiya lal ki.”

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