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NESSS Welcomes the Festival of Dance in the Glittering Event – Ratri Before Navratri

A perfect blend of high-energy dance – riveting music – luminous lights and vibrant colours.

NESSS ground adorned the festive look and celebrated the gusto of Navratri in its sparkling event ‘Ratri Before Navratri 2023’. The New Era Management, Staff, Students, Parents  and  Alumni thoroughly delved into the dance and celebration of the event. 

The festivities commenced by seeking the blessings of Goddess Amba through the ritual arti performed by the dignitaries the President, Dr. Devanshu Patel, the Principal, Mrs. Leena Nair and the Head Mistress, Mrs. Deepa Garg.

Kush Vyas and Group kick started the event with a melody of a traditional garba number “Kum kum Kera Pagale Maadi Garbe Ramva Aav…..” which sky rotted the energy levels of every attendee. Traditional colourful attires and dazzling faces told stories of the frolicking time they had in the evening. The eateries corner kept the dance enthusiasts and its onlookers energized with its lip smacking array of food items. The savoury snacks, mouth watering deserts and beverages, kept the fervour of the night alive in all.

The shimmering moment of the event was the prize distribution in different categories Be it dance or attires every winner revelled on the live music till the last beat and won the limelight. The winners that bedazzled the crowd are:

Grade 5th to 8th

Best Dancer 

Girls : 1ST - Aaradhya Agrawal (5A), 2ND - Pari Thakkar (6C), 3RD - Darshvi (6B)

Boys : 1ST - Het Shah (7A), 2ND - Tanay Mongara (5B), 3RD - Kavish Thakkar (7B)

Best Costume

Girls : 1st - Saumya Pandya (5B), 2ND - Sanvi Saikya (7C), 3RD - Zeel (5A)

Boys : 1ST - Aditya Sharda (5C), 2ND - Harshit Soni (7C), 3RD - Nidish Sharma (8B)

Grade 9th to 12th

Best Dancer 

Girls : 1st - Khushi Solanki (12H), 2nd - Yashvi Raol (10A), 3RD - Vrushti Shah (9B)

Boys : 1ST - Kavya Jain (12C), 2nd - Shridhar Patel (12A), 3rd - Soham Bhavsar (9A)

Best Costume

Girls : 1st - Pratha Nair (9A), 2ND - Rashi Soni (9A), 3rd - Arya Agarkar (9A)

Boys : 1st – Maulesh Nichani (12C), 2nd - Tirth Upadhaya (10A), 3rd - Dhavin Bhatt (9C)

The entire celebration was an amalgamation of rich tradition, true devotion and vibrant culture of Gujarat.