To give wings to the imagination of students, NESSS organized the Bulletin Board Decoration Competition. The boards were adorned with short picture stories, vibrant sketches, messages, quotes and vivid borders according to the topics of the competition. 

Winners of the Competition are -

1. FS-4 – Theme -Panchatantra stories – Winner is FS4B

2. FS-5 - Witty Characters like Tenaliraman, Birbal,etc – Winner is FS5A

3. PS-1 - Classic stories – Winner is PS1A

4. PS-2-Stories of Enid Blyton, Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl and Sudha Murty – Winner is PS2B

5. PS-3- Stories based on Values- Winner is PS3A

6. MS-1- Writing about books in Book blurb Style  - Winner is MS1B

7. MS-2- Writing about books in Book blurb Style  - Winner is MS2A

8. MS-3- Famous Indian Authors and Books of Regional Languages - Winner is MS3C

9. SS-1-Plays of Shakespeare- Winner is SS1B


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