NESMUN 2023 – Echoes of Debates still ring in our ears….

The echoes of diplomatic discourse, profound insights into global affairs and legal frameworks, skillful negotiations, crisis resolution, and passionate debates reverberated through the red brick walls during the NESMUN.

All the four committees actively deliberated on the Agenda given below.


Agenda : 

-Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Weaponry

-Protection of civilians in armed conflicts

And the winners are  : 

Best Speaker – Shaurya Gaikwad, Best Delegate – Shridhar Patel & Best debator - Janav Javia

2. Lok Sabha (1 and 2)

 Agenda : 

-Legalization of Same Sex Marriages

- Manipur Violence 2023

- Wrestlers V/s WFI

- Should weapons be made legal (UCC)

And the Winners are 

Lok Sabha 1 : Best Speaker – Amogh Bhamerkar, Best Deligate – Yatheshth Sharma & Best Debator – Akshat Singh

Lokshabha 2 : Best Speaker – Ansh Pandey, Best Delegate ¬– Meheraj Mohan & best Debator –Madhura Bhave



- Digital Space and Human Rights

- Human right of prisoners

- Slavery and Human trafficking

- Migration and Asylum seekers

And the Winners are:

Best Speaker – Trisha Shah, Best Delegate – Zalak Soni & Best Debator – Niyati Parmar

4. International Press

Agenda :

- Investigate Committee Debates

- Conduct Interviews

- Cover Press Conferences

- Impromptu and Un-posed photography

Winners are:

Best Journalist – Yash Lohana & Best Photographer – Nirmay Mehta

The event NESMUN left an unforgettable impact, empowering young learners to embrace sustainability as a pathway to a brighter and more equitable world. 

We'll see you next year!


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