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Hurray it's picnic time at New Era Preschool !!
Happiness is....Going to a picnic with friends and the excitement of children was at it's peak when they boarded the big buses, chatted , sang and danced merrily on their way to the spot.
After they reached Eco Park, kids had breakfast and ran to the open lawns where they enjoyed rides and activities like passing through the tunnel, slides, swings, jumping on trampoline, log walk, climbing the tyres and many more.
They had a terrific tractor ride moving in the village and farms.
Gilli, Gilli Chooo!! Yes, it was time for some magic and kids were amazed to see the tricks by the magician which made the impossible seem possible.
Last, but not the least the kids had hot and yummy lunch and boarded the bus for riding back to school.

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