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New Era Preschool organized it's yearly mega event SPARKLING MINDS 2022 with a variety of activities giving the young creative minds an opportunity to unleash their limitless potential and showcase their skills and personal aptitude.
The event for the nursery level was Floral Rangoli - the kids brightened the school premises with their creative colorful designs on the floor using a variety of flowers exhibiting their unbelievable artistic presentation at such a tender age.
The event for LKG group was salad decoration- an effort to make healthy eating equally tempting!
The participants amazing creativity was revealed through the aesthetic designs they formed using different salad vegetables. We emphasized that children make, eating salad a daily routine.
The event for the UKG group was amazing imaginary creature- a fancy dress with a twist giving wings to their imagination. The super kids created their own innovative creatures - Yes! they combined a hippo and a bird and created a flippo, unique ideas, amazing costumes, superb was indeed a treat for our eyes.
The event was a grand success as about 100 kids from 20 schools of Vadodara participated.
All were winners as they performed their best with great zeal and enthusiasm and went home smiling with their certificates, gifts and an unique experience.

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