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The perfect edibles: Vegetables
Hurrah! It’s a Vegetable day. Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Brown; all vegetables were displayed by the invited vegetable vendor in the preschool. Children not only learnt about the names, colour, smell, texture, shape and importance of eating the vegetables, they could also differentiate between the similar looking leafy vegetables like Fenugreek, Spinach, Mint and Coriander. They were amazed to see different varieties of brinjals: long and dark purple; small round, and green; big round and pink. Children learnt the names of some uncommon vegetables like yam, taro, spiny gourd, ivy gourd. They also differentiated between broccoli and cauliflower; lettuce and cabbage; peeled garlic and cashew nut; taro and ginger; tulsi and mint. Children were shown the weighing balance along with the weights used by the vegetable vendor.
The take away for children from this experience was “Be smart, Eat Smart”.

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