Laurels and Accolades

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At Nationals

  • Deep Amin  of class 11showed extra ordinary talent at 61st National Speed Skating Championship by Roller Skating Federation of India winning 500m Gold, 1000m Silver and a Bronze in Time Trial winning Overall Championship  Trophy. He also got the gold in 64th National School Games, U-19. He was awarded by the Home minister of Gujarat on the Independence Day.
  • Jahnavi Sriram and Shreeya Kotnis class 11, Sneh Meghani  and Naiya Patel class 9 and Tanisha Arande class 8played at the Basketball Nationals .
  • Heerak Vora and Tapasaya Shah class 8 played U-14 while Nirva Patel (X) played U-17 Lawn Tennis in 62nd National Games.
  • Suryanshi Singh of class 9 played at Nationals – Khelo India  
  • Sizan Khan class 7 and Mihir Deolekar class 9 won Gold Medal at 1st International Open Karate Championship 2017
  • Sizan Khan also won Gold and Bronze at 7th Independence National Karate Champioship 2016.
  • Kulveer Singh and Nivedita Bakshi, class 3 reached Fourth and Seventh Rank respectively in Spell Bee.
  • Karen Johnson class 11 got the Laureate Prize for Creative Writing- from Katha .
  • School project by Sooraj Bhadania and Archit Rajbhar of class 11 was selected for Nationals in Regional CBSE Science Exhibition .
  • Diya Parikh of class 2 was the 3rd runner up in UCMAS International Competition
  • Vatsal Gandhi of class 5 was among the top Ten in Avishkar Quiz by CBSE.
  • Our school team after various levels of elimination was selected to participate in the National Children’s Science Congress.

Extra Curricular Activities

Holistic education is the mantra of CCE and New Era has shown it. We have had regular inter house activities and everybody has been participating in them whole heartedly. There are quizzes, extempore speeches, group discussions. In addition to these we have basketball, cricket, football tournaments planned throughout the year.

We also have been participating in interschool competitions organized by various institutions. Our score tally is:

  • Our team of Tarun Agrawal, Abhiraj Bhasin, Arkaprabha Banerjee and Dhananjay Mishra class 10 stood 2nd  in Earthquake Tips Interschool Quiz
  •  Sneh Patel (VI), Vrishin Shah (VII) and Reuben George (VIII) were the Runners Up in Mar  Philoxenos Inter school Quiz
  •  Our teams A and B were First in Interschool Science Quiz organised by Balbhawan while Team B won Third Prize.‚Äč
  •  Kulveer Singh class 3 got Second Position at State Level and Eighth Rank at International level in Mars International Spell Bee competition.
  •  Shriya Raghavan class 7 got First Prize in Baroda Essay Writing Competition.
  •  Amlan Bhera and Epshita Chakraborty of class 9 were Second in Quiz Whizz Competition.
  •  Manvi Mehrotra and Epshita Chakraborty class 9, Vatsal Gandhi class 5, Vedant Vaghela, Arjav Patel and Abhinav Muley of class 6 got Third Position in SciPoTech
  • Siddharth Dangi class 11and Yashvi Patel class 10 won in All India Essay Writing Event 2015 organised by Shri Ram Chandra Mission.
  •  Rahul Bhakhle class 11 won Telescope in Poster Presentation and Siddharth Dangi class 11was selected the Center Topper and won Rasberry Pi Computer at PRL (Physical Research Laboratory) Ahmedabad (National Science Day Celebration 2016).
  • Aseem Godbole class 11and Rishwin Lal class 9 won Nanubhai Amin Award for their project Bio-Mass Energy Converter and Vishesh Malewar class 10 and Manan Ranke class 9 for their project Speed Bump Energy Converter.
  • We won First Prize in Model Making Competition organised by Vrajbhoomi International School, Anand.  
  • Mokshit Joshi class 4 won Budding Star Award in Final Round of Marrs Spell Bee.
  • Amogh Bhamerkar class 5 and Yuvraj Dighe class 4 were the Asset Toppers for 2015-16 in Maths.
  • Our school won prizes in different categories at Inter School competition organized by DPS Harni. 
  • We won Second Prize in Power point Presentation  and Third prize in Debate competition organised by Essar International , Hazira.
  • We won Second prize in Junior Group and Third prize in Senior Group in interschool quiz competition organised by D.R.Amin School. School also secured over all trophy in Quiz competition.
  • In International Spell bee Western zone , Reuben George class 9 bagged the winner’s trophy at the state level securing the Third Position. The other State winners were Smriti Shah, Riya Panchal , Garvit Jain and Vandan Bhuva class 8 enabling us to get the school winner’s trophy.
  • Ashutosh Rudrabhatla and Ahbas Tanay class 7 were declared as Scholars of 2016 for Science while Nitya Parikh class 8 was declared Scholar of 2016 in ASSET Math.
  • Sheetal Yadav class 10  and Manvi Mehrotra class 9 got First prize in Hindi Essay Competition organised by Paschimachal Samit
  • In competitions organised by Bright School , Harni we won First Prize in Composing and Reciting poem Competition and Quiz Competition, Second prize in Drama Competition on Jaataka tales while Third prize in Hindi  acting “Abhinay” competition.
  • In Math Quiz  organised by Navrachana International School, Vasna Group B  and Group C consisting of  3 students won First Prize
  • We were Second in Science Quiz organised by Cygnus School.
  • We got second prize in Model Making Competition (Garden) organised by Socleen. 
  • New era students participated in Sheri natak and just a minute talk at Vidhyani Vidhyalay. We won the overall trophy. Kavya Sharma (IX)  got first prize in just a minute talk in Gujarati.  


  • Champion Trophy (U-17) of  State basketball League Championship 2015-16 along with Prize of Rs.5 Lacs. Winners trophy of CBSE cluster (U-17) basketball tournament 2016. 7 times winners + 2 times runners up trophies lifted by New Era school in CBSE basketball tournament in last 10 years.  

  • Champions Trophy(U-17) of Vadodara District in the basketball tournament  by DSO.

  • Runner Up trophy (U-14) of open Baroda basketball tournament by Balbhavan. 
  • Our students - Vishwa Patel, Naiya Patel, Sneh Menghani, Prapti Sonavne (IX), Pearl Rathod class 9, Yashvi Patel class 10, Tanisha Arande ,Anjali Singh, Priyasha Roy choudhury and Khushi Mukherjee of class 8 were the part of Baroda District Basketball  U-14 and U-17 for 2015-16 and 2016-
  • Our MayorCup Winners :
  • New Era Basketball team under 19 lifted  Mayor  Cup 2016 while under 14 lifted Runners up cup in Mayor Cup 2016.
  • Heerak Vora class 8 won Three gold medals in lawn tennis tournament U-14.
  • Tapasya Shah class 8 got Gold and Silver medal Lawn Tennis tournament U-14.
  •  Nirva Patel class 10 won Gold and Silver medal U-17 Lawn Tennis.
  •  Mihir Deolekar class 9 was First in U-17(B- Above 65 kg)  Karate competition.
  •  Aakriti Sharma and Pawani Chaugaonkar of class 4 won Bronze Medal in Chess Competition under 10 girls.
  •  Deep Amin class 11 won 1000 m Gold and 500m bronze and the overall trophy in Skating .
  • Our Khel Mahakumbh Winners :

  • Our basketball team lifted Runners Up Trophy (U-16)  at State level for 2015-16 and for 2016-17,While our U-14 team lifted Runners up trophy at district level for 2016-17.
  • Heerak Vora class 8 was First in District Level Lawn Tennis , and got a Gold at State Level.
  • Tapasya Shah class 8 was Second at district level in U-14 Lawn Tennis .
  • Nirva Patel class 10 was First at District level in U-17 Lawn Tennis and Fourth at State Level.
  • Deep Amin class 11 bagged a Gold medal and Overall Championship Trophy for Speed Skating Event 1000 mtrs.
  • Jiya Gamit (VI) got Third position in Broad Jump.
  • Suryanshi Singh (IX) got silver medal in boxing.
  • Naman Jain class 9 and Rishwin Lal class 10, our students were selected in Vadodara district Football team (U-16) for  Khel Mahakhumbh 2016.
  • Our Athletic Team won Overall Champion's Trophy in 2015 at MSU Pavalian at Gyan Sarovar Sahodaya Meet. 32 CBSE schools participated with more than 500 Athletes.  Our Athletic team won Runners up Overall trophy in 2016 .
  • Our Football Team bagged Runners up trophy in CBSE cluster XIII football tournament organized by Urmi School at MSU and qualified for Nationals.
  • hane Macwan class 6 was selected in Vadodara district Football team (U-14).
  • Suryanshi Singh (IX) got Silver medal in Boxing at State level in Khelo India.
  •  Falak Pala class 3 got 3rd  position in  U 9 yrs. Girls category, in Vadodara District selection chess Tournament held on 21/01/17.
  • Sizan Khan (VII) got Gold Medal at State Level in Kai Tournament 2017. 

Performing Arts and Arts

Here too we have made a name for ourselves.

  • Manav Patel (VIII) won FOURTH prize at the regional level in CBSE - INDIA AFRICA forum summit creative expression contest held at NEW DELHI.
  • Open Baroda Drawing Competition organised by Bal Bhavan Pal Patel class 3 bagged Third Position while Bhavya Desai class 4 and Oliva Dona Chal class 9 got Consolation Prize.  Aananya Chauhan class class 10 and Maitreyi Rohra class 9 received Second and Third Prize respectively while Aditi Mehta (VII) received Consolation prize in various categories in the year 2016 and 17.
  • Shourya Vaghela class 7 won Third Prize and Hemakshi Vala class 11 won Second Prize in ONGC Poster making competition .
  • Dhruvi Patel class 6 won First Prize and Anchita Das class 9 won Second Prize in Kala Junction United Way of Baroda Poster Making Competition.
  • In Navneet drawing competition 800 students participated from our school and 2 were selected for national level.
  • R.Pritika of class 10 won the First Prize and Anshita Das class 10 won Second Prize in drawing competition organised by Vadodara Heritage Club.
  • Harshita Goyal class 12 won First Prize while Dhruvi Patel class 7 Manvi Mehrotra class 9 ,Hemakshi Vala class 12 won Second Prize and Tanisha Arande class 8 won Third prize in the drawing Competition organised by Vraj Bhoomi International.
  • Priyesh Patel and Ananya Chauhan class 10 secured Second and  Fourth position respectively in Poster making competition organised by Institute of Plasma Research.
  • Tapasya Shah class 8 , Maitreyi Rohra class 9 and Neviya Koderinala class 4 got First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize respectively in Stamp Making Competition organised by Indian Postal Service.
  • In drawing competition organised by Times of India (NIE), Dhiraj Dighe of class 9  won third prize.
  • In National Group Song Competition organised by Bharat Vikas Parishad , our senior group won Second Prize while our Junior Group  won Third prize.
  • V. Pravarthikaof class 8 got  First Prize in Geeta Chanting Competition organised by Chinmaya Mission, Vadodara.
  • We won Second Prize in Group Action Song organised by Socleen. 
  • We were Second in " Ithihaas Gaurav Gatha- Vir Yodha" organised by Balbhavan.